Asetek RackCDU Liquid Cools NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerators …

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Asetek RackCDU Liquid Cools NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerators
Author: Shane Fuga

Asetek Inc., the world?s leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for computers, announced today that its hot water, direct-to-chip?RackCDU liquid cooling systems?will cool NVIDIA? Tesla? K20 GPU accelerators and that these cooling solutions will be on display at SC12.

Asetek direct-to-chip technology captures heat directly into liquid and removes it from the data center in an all liquid path. Asetek liquid is 4000 times more efficient as a coolant than air. With this efficiency, Asetek RackCDU makes deploying high density racks more practical at a data center scale while simultaneously reducing data center cooling energy consumption by over 50%. Density is particularly important in HPC/supercomputing applications where large numbers of servers work simultaneously on the same problem and maintaining short communication paths between servers is critical to the overall performance of the supercomputer.

?Asetek RackCDU direct-to-chip liquid cooling focuses on removing heat from the hottest locations in servers and GPUs are a key hot spot,? said Andr? Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. ?The liquid cooling enabled NVIDIA Tesla K20 is groundbreaking because for the first time NVIDIA will make liquid cooling possible on a fully warranted Tesla GPU Accelerator.?

?The Tesla K20 accelerator is designed for high performance and extreme power efficiency,? noted Sumit Gupta, general manager of Tesla accelerated computing at NVIDIA. ?Asetek?s solution for Tesla K20 enables OEMs and ODMs to add liquid cooling to select NVIDIA GPUs with lower cost and faster time-to-market than engineering their own solutions.?

Asetek will display its liquid cooling solution for NVIDIA Tesla K10 and K20 GPU accelerators at SC12 in booth #4045. The booth will also include a full display of Asetek?s groundbreaking hot-water, direct-to-chip RackCDU liquid cooling systems. SC12 is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah ? November 12-15.

Source:?Asetek?| News Archive

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